Inheritance Matters: Tips from a Probate Attorney

Finding the best Probate Attorney

The best Probate Attorney will be able to guide you through the probate process. They will be able to prepare and file all of the necessary documents, work with the estate’s creditors and claimants to settle them fairly, find and assemble assets, and transfer them from the deceased person to the estate. They can also help you with settling taxes and minimizing the estate’s debts. They will be able to help you get the estate’s EIN and open the estate account so that it can pay tax bills. They will also help you find a trustworthy financial planner and other professionals to assist you in the administration of the estate.

If you believe that the deceased’s will does not reflect their true wishes due to fraud, undue influence, or misappropriation of assets, you can hire a Broward County probate lawyer to file a will contest. This will involve probate litigation that can be time consuming, expensive, and potentially disrupt the distribution of property. It is important to speak with a Broward County probate lawyer early in the probate process to determine whether litigation is in your best interests.

Gedeon & Morales Law Group is a law firm that handles probate matters in Hollywood and surrounding areas. The attorneys at the firm are experienced in handling estate planning cases and assisting clients with various aspects of the probate process, including personal representative appointment, asset identification and valuation, determination of heirs, and will interpretation. The firm can also handle matters related to estate taxes and debt settlement and review and resolve claims by creditors.

The attorneys at the Law Office of Larry Tolchinsky have been advising estate beneficiaries and personal representatives in probating wills and the administration of both intestate (without a will) and testate estates for more than three decades. They have extensive experience in estate litigation and handling matters involving heirs, creditor claims, accountings, inventory proceedings, final and partial accounts, and the investment of and the distribution of assets.

In addition to guiding clients through the probate process, the attorneys at this firm can help them set up trusts, write revocable living trusts, and create powers of attorney and other legal documents. They can also advise clients on how to minimize estate taxes and how to avoid probate litigation. They serve clients throughout Florida.

Choosing the best Probate Attorney is crucial for anyone who needs help administering an estate or filing a will. Using FindLaw’s attorney directory can make your search for the right lawyer easier. The site lists thousands of certified lawyers in every area of practice, from criminal defense to estate planning. You can browse a wide range of profiles to get the best fit for your needs.

When it comes to selecting a probate attorney, you should choose one with the most experience and highest degree of professional achievement. A reputable lawyer should have at least a bachelor’s degree, be licensed by the state bar association, and be a member of the National Association of Certified Elder Law Attorneys. In addition, a good probate attorney should have excellent interpersonal skills to communicate with clients and others involved in the case.